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Lets take a look at the whole rationale behind the notion of “paying” for the celebration of a Mass or for conferring a sacrament, and then see what canon law has to say about it.

Secondly, all Mass intentions must be recorded accordingly with the corresponding offering. According to Canon 958.1-2, this record will be examined by the Ordinary (Bishop) each year. Therefore, the pastor is accountable and is obliged to put everything in the book of records and a faithful who offers for his/her intention must go to the Parish Office and ask for a receipt of his offering.

Third, the regulated amount for Mass intention is $10.00 . Any amount exceeding this offering shall be consigned to the ordinary as specified in canon 951, par. 1, who will provide for its destination according to the ends established by law.

Fourth, on collective Mass intentions in one Mass. Ex. If one person (Eliseo) offers 5 intentions for his 5 deceased relatives in one Mass at $10 offering, the Mass is to be offered for the intentions of Eliseo not to mention the names of 5 souls. If Eliseo is giving $50 for $10 each intention, the Mass intentions for 5 souls cannot be celebrated in a single

Mass but for 5 Masses on different dates. This is also to give justice to other intentions from other offerers who want to offer their intentions for this particular Mass. Shall we say, we limit 5 intentions for one Mass from different offerers. The practice of requesting a Mass to be offered for loved ones, living or deceased, is a beautiful and wonderful part of our Catholic tradition. In our Catholic Parish, there are many requests for scheduling such Mass intentions. As a way to allow as many parishioners and friends as possible to schedule Masses, the following policies are put forth to help acomplish this goal.

- Mass intentions may be requested for Sundays, most holidays and weekdays throughout the year.

- Mass intentions cannot be scheduled for Christmas or Easter. These Masses will be celebrated for the general intentions of our parishioners.

- One Mass every Sunday must be scheduled for the intentions of our parishioners known as “Pro Populo” (For the People) as required by Canon Law and diocesan statute. This mass is at 11:30 a.m. Therefore NO particular Mass Intention be taken for this time.

- Lengthy intention listings cannot be published in the Bulletin and must be edited for the sake of brevity. Since the purpose of publishing the intention in the Bulletin is to notify the family and friends of the intention, we suggest the omission of middle initials, titles, etc. Please indicate if the person for whom the Mass is requested is living or deceased.

- Canon Law does not permit us to keep Mass intentions beyond those that we are able to schedule in a year’s time. Consequently, some intentions may have to be sent to the Office of the Propagation of the Faith for distribution to other priests who will be able to celebrate these Masses.

- No Mass request will be taken over the telephone at the Parish Office. Requests for Mass intentions may be requested in person in the Parish Office; or mailed into the Parish Office. A request form is available on the parish website Please log onto the website and select the Mass Intention Request Form from the dropdown menu under SACRAMENTS print out the form and mail it into the Parish Office.

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